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Sneak peak at what is coming next....introducing The Werewolves of London

As you can imagine, I am driving hard to get all of the components of Marie Laveau's Army ready for distribution within 48 hrs of the present campaign ending.

With that said, I keep a notebook where I write down future ideas. The one that has bubbled up to the top for my next campaign is "The Werewolves of London." The basic premise I have for the campaign is the following:

  • The setting is medieval London with a forest, a docked ship, several buildings, and an open-air market

  • Two groups of werewolves engaged in a civil war with the city caught between them. One group comprises arrogant noblemen, and the other werewolves try to make peace with the beast inside.

  • Three ways to play the game

  • A complete Lycanthrope class

What do you think? Here is some art I am working on.

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