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Introducing The Mad Doctor!

I have just completed the first rough draft! The next step is for me to review the work and then hand it over to Mike, the actual editor, for his feedback. This is good, as we are definitely on track to have the digital materials out to all backers within 24hrs of the campaign ending.

So, with that said, I'd like to introduce you to one of the main NPCs in the game: Doctor Nicolaj Koch.


Few truly know the origins of Doctor Nicolaj Koch. He was born into a wealthy family living in a mountain range called Barsea Heights. What he did in his youth is a mystery. What we do know is that, in his mid-twenties, he is recorded opening his first medical practice in the small town of Tavár. The practice was open for only a year when the elders ran the Doctor out of town after allegations of cruel and unusual treatment of his patients. The Doctor disappears from records for nearly ten years before appearing in the city of Soronet. The only evidence of what the Doctor did in this missing decade is captured by a locket containing a picture of a young woman. He fondly refers to the woman as his “darling, Caroline.” The locket was kept in a safe in his bedroom until it was recently stolen.

Now in his early 40s, the doctor moves to Soronet, a growing town close to the Barsea Heights mountains. This time he stays for nearly a decade and gains a clientele of wealthy patients. The Doctor has defined a method of slowing aging by injecting a special jelly into the skin of his benefactors. Dr. Koch is paid well for his work, and his wealth begins to grow. He develops a philanthropic reputation due to his weekend work at the poor hospital. Little do the people of Soronet know that the Doctor uses his time at the poor hospital to experiment with his jelly, a substance he now calls Soul Honey. Screams of pain can be heard at night as the doctor forcefully injects Soul Honey into the patients. At best, the results of his treatment can be called “mixed.”

With wealth to fund his work, the Doctor abruptly closes his practice and leaves Soronet. His new home is a mansion just outside the small town of Briar Glen. He is singular in his work: to engineer intelligent life and duplicate the creation of God. The creatures he creates are known as the Uplift. Mad. Brilliant. Insane. Genius. These are all words that describe the complex mind of Doctor Nicolaj Koch.

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