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Great starter classes for new D&D players

If you are new to D&D, it can be daunting to decide which character class to play and how best to equip it with weapons and magic spells. To help you out, the following is a quick reference for great starter classes and their offensive weapons. Many types of classes can be used for Dungeons and Dragons, but some of the best include the following:

  • Fighter: A powerful melee class that is great at dealing damage and protecting allies.

  • Paladin: A class proficient in melee combat and healing magic, making them ideal for tanking.

  • Ranger: A versatile class that is good at melee and ranged combat, tracking, and survival.

  • Rogue: A sneaky class good at stealth and dealing critical damage.

  • Wizard: A class specializing in powerful magic, making them perfect for dealing damage and crowd control.


The best melee weapons you should use for Fighter, Paladin, Ranger, and Rogue class

  • Greatsword

  • Longsword

  • Battleaxe

  • Warhammer

  • Morningstar

The best magic spells a wizard should use in Dungeons and Dragons:

  • Fireball: A powerful spell that damages all enemies in a designated area.

  • Lightning Bolt: A spell that damages a single target and can stun them.

  • Blink: A spell that allows the caster to teleport a short distance, helpful for getting out of danger or getting to a specific location quickly.

  • Polymorph: A spell that transforms the target into another creature, useful for both combat and roleplaying purposes.

  • Counterspell: A spell that interrupts another spellcaster and prevents them from casting spells for a short time, useful for disrupting enemy spellcasters.

You can choose many classes and weapons in D&D, but these are great to get started.

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