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Creating Spells for Dungeon Crawl Classis

In light of the negative press around D&D and the OGL, I have looked at other game systems such as Pathfinder, OSE, and Dungeon Crawl Classics (DCC). DCC relies heavily on spells - and they are fun! You can get a more random effect from casting a spell in DCC vs. D&D, which can lead to some unusual consequences. In Dungeon Crawl Classics (DCC), spells are divided into different spell levels and are cast using spell points. Here's an example of how a spell might be written using the DCC rules:

Name: Raise Dead

  • Level: 3

  • Range: Touch

  • Duration: Instantaneous

  • Cost: 3 spell points

This spell allows the caster to bring a dead creature back to life. The creature must have died within the past 24 hours, and its body must be mostly intact. The creature is restored to 1 hit point and is stabilized.

To cast this spell, the caster must have at least 3 spell points and touch the corpse of the creature they wish to raise. Once the spell is cast, the creature immediately comes back to life.

In DCC, spellcasting is not as detailed as in other more recent editions of D&D, but it allows for more freedom and creativity in the game. It's not specified on the spell components, but it is specified that the spellcaster must have enough spell points and be able to speak and gesture to cast the spell.

Keep in mind that this is a speculative spell, it's not an official part of the game, and it's not in the DCC rulebook. This spell is based on the Raise Dead spell from other editions of D&D, and it's not balanced for gameplay, so you may want to use it with caution and make adjustments as necessary to fit your game and your players.


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