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Search for Treasure, battle monsters, and solves puzzles in this Pirate-Themed D&D 5e adventure for 3-5 players


A cursed pirate treasure is hidden on the island of Isla de la Muerte. Your challenge is to find it, remove the curse, and escape with your lives. On Isla de la Muerte, you will find monsters, magic items, traps, and more treasure than you can carry, so "heave-ho, batten down the hatches, and all hands ahoy!” It’s time to set sail and find an accursed pirate treasure!


On Isla de la Muerte, you will cross paths with the Pirate King, tackle the notorious Renegade Princess, and battle the Kraken. Adventure, mystery, and gold await!


Just don't end up in Davey Jones’ Locker.



The Sea Shanty is a raucous bar on a sandy tropical beach. It's a rough and rowdy place, filled with all manner of pirates, swashbucklers, and ne'er-do-wells. Its walls are adorned with weapons, trinkets, and treasures from the seven seas, and the floor is covered in sand, constantly tracked in from the beach outside. The bar is stocked with all manner of potent rum and ale, and the barkeep is a gruff and grizzled old pirate with a wooden leg and a patch over one eye.


As you enter the bar, you are greeted by boisterous laughter along with the clinking of glasses and the stagnant air, thick with the smell of saltwater and sweat. The patrons are a motley crew, ranging from rough and rugged pirates with scars and tattoos to elegant, dangerous-looking privateers. There's a stage in one corner where a group of musicians belts out a lively shanty.


As you belly up to the bar and order a mug of ale, you can't help but overhear the various tales of adventure and misadventure shared by the other patrons. The Sea Shanty is where anything can happen and where the only law is the law of the sea. You wonder what adventures might await you outside those doors, on the high seas and beyond.


A hearty laugh catches your attention, and an old seaman beckons you to sit with him and hear his tale.


"It was a hot and sticky day when me and the crew set sail for Isla de la Muerte, the island of Death. We had heard rumors of the pirate treasure buried somewhere on the island, and we were determined to find it. I'd always dreamed of finding treasure, and this seemed like the perfect place.

When we finally reached the island, we set out to explore. We searched the dense jungle, the sandy beaches, and the rocky cliffs, looking for any sign of the treasure. As the days passed and the search continued, we began to doubt that they would ever find the treasure. But just when we was about to give up hope, we stumbled upon an old pirate map. The map led us to a hidden cave deep in the jungle, and as we followed the twists and turns of the cave, we finally reached a chamber filled with treasure. There were golden coins, sparkling jewels, and glittering artifacts. I couldn't believe me luck. It was a miracle!"


At this, the old seaman pauses, and a cloud of sadness shadows his eyes as he remembers how everything changed.


"As me and the crew loaded the treasure onto our ship, we was attacked by a group of pirates. We fought bravely, but we were outnumbered and outgunned. In the end, the pirates stole the treasure back, killed all me shipmates, and I was left empty-handed and defeated. Me dreams of riches were shattered. That treasure is cursed! I returned home a poorer man, but I never forgot my adventure."


At this point, the old man leans forward and offers you a map.


"This map will take you to Isla de la Muerte, and you can have it. It doesn’t show where the treasure is, but I am sure you can find it. All I ask is that you bring me back the Pirate Coins. They are scattered all over the island - each coin is for each shipmate of mine killed by those damn pirates!"


You don’t notice, but the bar has become dead quiet, all the pirates hanging on the words the Old Man tells. They all see the map you have just been handed. A lone gravelly voice speaks, “Now, how ‘bout just handin’ us that there map, savvy?”


There is no time to think. You and your party run to the nearest boat, cast anchor, and set sail to Isla de la Muerte.


You have the map that will take you to Isla de la Muerte but do you have the skills to remove the curse from the treasure and take it back from the pirates? Or will you cross paths with the Pirate King, tackle the notorious Renegade Princess, or battle the Kraken? Adventure, mystery, and pirate gold await!


About the game


Walk the Plank is a D&D 5e adventure set on the tropical island of Isla de la Muerte. Characters will be able to explore more than 15 locations on the island, including a ship-wreck pirate ship, a lagoon, and The Pirates Shanty Shack, where they will encounter nautical monsters, traps, mysteries to be solved, and treasure to be found. The game can be played in one or two sessions. Each encounter is modular, allowing you to use the encounters easily in other games you develop.


Good luck.... and remember: be the hero in your adventure.

Walk te Plank, a D&D swashbuckling 5e Pirate Adventure campaign

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