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Howling fills the cold night air over Old London Town. A full moon forces men and women to transform into wolves, cats, foxes, and bears. Blood, chaos, and fear hold the city hostage.


The Werewolves of London brings Gothic Horror to your next Dungeons & Dragons adventure. Intended for players Levels 1-5. I grew up watching and loving the Hammer House of Horror movies. One of my favorites is The Curse of the Werewolf, starring Oliver Reed - yes, THAT Oliver Reed, the Hollywood icon - I guess we all get our start somewhere ;) 

This D&D-compatible campaign is a tribute to that fantastic movie. 


The game comes with all the following goodness:

  • 60+ page Black and White + Full-Color versions of the game book (including 18 detailed encounters)
  • Maps for players and DM/GM in Full Color, Printer Friendly, Night Mode, and Sepia Tone. The DM/GM versions of the maps include labels for each room.
  • Complete Lycan Warrior Class
  • 8 monsters (with their stat blocks and color art)
  • 20 detailed Non-Player Characters (with their stat blocks and full-color art)
  • 4 Magic items
  • Random Encounter table for each of the locations (yep, that's four random encounter tables)
  • 18 magical herbal remedies
  • A game within a game
  • VTT version of the Map of online playing (VTT maps come with and without labels)
  • Food and Fuel - one recipe and two themed drinks

The Werewolves of London

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