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A hot, sticky summer bakes the coastline town of Briar Glen. Storms, boiling with thunder, explode in the skies every night. The bellowing howl of new life accompanies each storm as a Doctor, driven mad by the desire to create intelligent life, uses the power to animate his latest creations. Life is being made but at what cost?


The sheriff of Briar Glen is desperate for someone rid his town of the mad Doctor's creations. In recent weeks, all his constables have suffered horrific deaths from monsters escaping the Doctor's compound. Bodies have been found torn apart with organs missing. The sheriff has collected a reward of 500gp if a group of adventurers can drive the mad Doctor away and end his ceaseless creation of inhuman life.


Many of the Doctor's creations have escaped. They now live on a small island only accessible through a tidally locked road. These creatures have named themselves Uplift, and their leader, named Zero, is striving to find a way in which they can live in peace.


And the Doctor, possessed with extreme intelligence and a desire to build a life, sees his creations as the ultimate test of human brilliance. Is he a man or a god if he can create intelligent life? He is close to making his vision a reality and only needs a little help. Those that assist him will be rewarded handsomely.


Which path do you take as you enter the world of The Mad Lab?


About the Adventure


The Mad Lab, the latest Penny Blood Adventure, brings a mash-up of Frankenstein’s Monster and the Island of Doctor Moreau to your next Dungeons & Dragons adventure. We are working hard to ensure that you will have the game as soon as the campaign ends so you can play it with your friends.


The game comes with all the following goodness:

All the digital assets, including:

- PDF book

- Statblocks for Monsters

- Maps for players and DM/GM in Full Color, Printer Friendly, Night Mode, and Sepia Tone. The DM/GM versions of the maps include labels for each room.

- Magic items

- Random Encounter table for each of the locations 

- A game within a game

- Food and Fuel 


The Mad Lab can be played with PCs that are levels 1-5. The adventure is written for the dungeon master. The DM must know how to play Dungeons & Dragons (see the D&D Player's Handbook). Tables for random encounters have been added to many of the rooms. This will keep the game fresh each time you play.

The Mad Lab, steampunk D&D 5e Adventure

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