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The Dark Nun's Church brings gothic terror to your next Dungeons & Dragons adventure. Intended for players Levels 1-5. 


The adventure leans heavily into the gothic horror found in the Hammer House movies from the '50s and '60s. Lots of fog, evil nuns, mummies, graveyards, flickering candles… you get the gist.


The game comes with all the following goodness:

  • Black and White + Full-Color versions of the game book (including fifteen detailed rooms)
  • Maps for players and DM/GM in Full Color, Printer Friendly, Night Mode, and Sepia Tone. The DM/GM versions of the maps include labels for each room.
  • Nine monsters (with their cards in Black and White + Full Color)
  • Five detailed Non-Player Characters (with their cards in Black and White + Full Color)
  • Table to scale monster up to level 16
  • Three Magic items
  • Random Encounter table
  • Random Graveyard table
  • Insult table 
  • Dead to Rites, the game within a game
  • VTT version of the Map of online playing
  • Food and Fuel - one recipe and one themed drink to keep your players happy


About the Adventure

People are going missing. Religious chanting can be heard in the middle of the night. A foul smell rises from the depths of a dark and evil church!

The Dark Nun's Church is a 5E compatible adventure for groups of 2-5 people. The adventure is designed for up to fifth-level adventures. With that said, it is easy to expand the adventure.

Have lots of fun, and don't let the Dark Nuns get you!

The Dark Nun's Church

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