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In "Pyramids of Power," adventurers are drawn into a world where ancient magic and mythology intertwine, embarking on a journey filled with divine politics and ancient powers. Their mission is twofold: to recover the lost relics of Osiris, the god of the afterlife and resurrection, scattered across enigmatic pyramids, and to find the Eye of Horus, a legendary artifact rumored to grant foresight and protection.


The adventure unfolds in a series of acts, each presenting unique challenges and decisions. In the first act, the party learns about the fragmented relics of Osiris. Their quest leads them through multiple pyramids, each guarded by followers of Set, the god of chaos and disorder. The adventurers face intricate puzzles that test their wit and wisdom, reflecting Osiris's domain over life and death, as well as Set's chaotic influence. As they journey from pyramid to pyramid, they must contend with Set's minions, creatures embodying chaos and destruction.

Pyramids of Power

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