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Marie Laveau’s Army brings Voodoo terror to your next Dungeons & Dragons adventure. Intended for players Levels 1-5. 


A ghoul named Black Crow has the town of Marais Fétide under his control. Zombies are wandering in the night. Only an army of the dead can stop Black Crow. You need the help of the Voodoo Queen, Marie Laveau!

Marie Laveau’s Army is a 5E compatible adventure for groups of 2-5 people. The campaign is designed for fifth-level players but can be expanded to support players up to and beyond level 16.

The game comes with all the following:

  • Black and White + Full-Color versions of the game book (including fifteen detailed rooms)
  • Maps for players and DM/GM in Full Color, Printer Friendly, Night Mode, and Sepia Tone. The DM/GM versions of the maps include labels for each room.
  • 16 encounters plus 3 side quests and a random encounter table
  • 9 monsters (with their own cards in Black and White + Full Color)
  • 6 detailed Non-Player Characters (with their own cards in Black and White + Full Color)
  • Table to scale monster up to level 16
  • 8 Magic items
  • 10 Voodoo specific spells
  • Voodoo Queen Class
  • Insult table 
  • “Cursed Cards” the game within a game
  • VTT version of the Map of online playing
  • Food and Fuel - themed recipes and drinks to keep your players happy


Be careful in the swamp. There are monsters out there!

Marie Laveau's Army

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