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Winter snow is falling, cold nights are pulling in, and children worldwide are dreaming that a big man in a red coat will come to visit with gifts. The Big Man does this every year. He builds his toys, writes down all the children's names, and uses his "nice" list to deliver presents. The "naughty" list is given to his counterpart, Krampus, a spirit who punishes the bad children with lumps of coal. Some are taken in his wicker basket back to his cave and eaten.


But what if the lists got mixed up?


This year the unthinkable has happened. Krampus has the "nice" list, has captured the good children, and has taken them to his underground lair beneath Santa's house. Meanwhile, Santa and his wife have the wrong list and refuse to give the naughty children gifts. In a rage, the naughty children tie up Santa and his wife. The chaos is causing all of the good things to go bad.


You must get the correct Naughty list to Krampus and return the Nice list to Santa. As you explore Santa’s magical house and snow-flake-shaped dungeon, you better watch out, you better not cry because Krampus is coming to town!



Krampus is a Penny Blood Adventure Holiday campaign. We are working hard to ensure that you will have the game within hours of the end of the campaign. This will give you a lot of time to play with your friends during the cold nights of December.


The game comes with all the following goodness:

- PDF book

- Statblocks for Monsters

- Maps for players and DM/GM in Full Color, Printer Friendly, Night Mode, and Sepia Tone. The DM/GM versions of the maps include labels for each room.

- Magic items

- Random Encounter table for each of the locations 

- A game within a game

- VTT version of the Map of online playing (VTT maps come with and without labels)

- Food and Fuel 


About the Adventure

Krampus can be played with PCs that are levels 1-5. The adventure is written for the dungeon master. The DM must know how to play Dungeons & Dragons (see the D&D Player's Handbook). Tables for random encounters have been added to many of the rooms. This will keep the game fresh each time you play.


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