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"Dragon’s Fire" marks the thrilling conclusion to a saga that has enthralled fans across the globe, a story that began with the birth of a legend in "Dragon’s Heir" and escalated through the turmoil and triumphs of "Dragon’s Rise." Now, as the trilogy reaches its epic finale, the fate of a world hangs in balance. The young Platinum dragon, Šimatum, once a mere hatchling whispered about in legends, has grown into a formidable force. But with power comes adversaries; the world of dragons is teetering on the edge of chaos. Dragon Slayers, emboldened by darkness, wage war against ancient beings, and Omrinis, the nefarious Dark Dragon, commands an army threatening to fracture the delicate alliance between dragons and humanity. In this climactic installment, your choices will either forge a new era of harmony or condemn the world to an eternity of discord. Stand with Šimatum in the ultimate battle for survival, or carve a path of your own making. The destiny of dragons and humans alike is in your hands. Will you rise to the challenge?

Dragon's Fire

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