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As the first rays of dawn break over the horizon, an ominous shadow falls over the city of Esherton. The inhabitants wake to a strange spectacle - a colossal, intricate tower stands in the heart of their city, where nothing had been the night before. This massive edifice, humming with an unseen power, reaches towards the heavens. Its strange metallic surface shimmers in the morning light, and various parts of the tower shift and move like a grand clockwork mechanism come to life.


Whispers sweep through the city, speculations run wild, and fear seizes the hearts of the people. The scholars and elders of Esherton huddle in council, recognizing the telltale signs of the work of Constantine Chronosmith, a legendary artificer who disappeared without a trace a century ago.

With a blend of hope and trepidation, the council turns to you, a group of brave adventurers. They task you with the exploration of this "Clockwork Tower." Your mission? Unravel its mysteries, navigate its shifting, mechanical complexities, and find out what happened to its enigmatic creator.

So gear up, time-benders. The ticking of the tower beckons you. Will you rise to the challenge and uncover the secrets of the Clockwork Tower, or will you succumb to its mechanical might? The future of Esherton and the legacy of Constantine Chronosmith hang in the balance. Let the grand adventure begin!


It's time to step into Esherton, ascend the Clockwork Tower, face the time-tossed echo of Constantine himself, and prevent a temporal catastrophe.

Clockwork Tower

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